Coming Out: Dealing with Homophobia as a Gay Tibetan in the Army

The following submission was made by a gay Tibetan who is currently in the army. Specific details were taken out to protect their identity, as there is still rampant ignorance and hostility around LGBTQ issues in the army. I applaud their determination in holding onto their truth, even in the face of frequent animosity. It’s definitely not an easy task, so thank you so much for sharing your story.

I joined the army after completing high school due to a financial crisis. I left my priorities behind cause I had to look after my parents. That was in 2008. During those years, people were not so aware of LGBTQ issues. I realized I was gay at an early age, and it felt so scary joining the army at that time cause I knew about the hatred and discrimination I would face in this job. Continue reading “Coming Out: Dealing with Homophobia as a Gay Tibetan in the Army”